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I'm a gal in her mid fifties working as an accountant during the weekdays and as a furniture reviver at night and weekends. I started by painting my Mothers old sewing cabinet using Annie Sloan Old White Chalk paint with a touch of dark wax and I was hooked. I began stalking Craigslist for cheap interesting pieces, painting them and throwing them back up on Craigslist.

I live in the Kansas City area in a suburb of Kansas. I've had a few occupations in my career, I started out in the restauarant business when I was 15. Once I was out of high school I began working at the top restaurants in KC and met a great group of girls in the mid 70's in the Westport area.  A number of us have stayed friends, you'll meet some of them under the My Travels page.  I went to college @25 and started working as a programmer.  I worked my way up to senior management for a number of years.  Left that behind to go back to school right before I turned 50 to get a degree in Accounting and have been crunching numbers ever since.  Now I'm venturing into furniture refinishing and hope to add this moniker to my career list.

Personally, i've been married to Ron for over 25 years and we have one son, Jon Rox. He's in his last year of college and getting ready to strike out on his own and discover adulthood.  Ron and I are looking forward to watching! 

We also have two older cats that reside with us: Lewy, a wonderful grey tabby and Sally, a white kitty with a grey tabby tail and ear, she's a pill and will sneakily pee somewhere in the basement when she's not happy.

I'll be posting about my furniture revivals, home projects and travels.  I hope you'll add me to your blog list and leave me comments when the urge strikes!


  1. Hi Judy,

    I'm so glad I found your blog. I follow MMS and always look at the sewing table redos. I read your profile and I can't believe the similarities we share. I have signed up to receive posting alerts and look forward to seeing your future projects. Good luck with your blog!

  2. Sharon,
    Thanks for the nice comment and signing up. I have lots of pieces to revive and an overload of home projects that I hope to get to soon.


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